JMS CrossWalk – A Lifestyle Destination 2,20,000 Sq.ft of High Street. Retail A structure grand and lavish, incorporated with premium Spanish architectural facets, JMS CrossWalk is the next big retail destination of sector -93, Gurgaon. At a distance of a few brisk steps from premium group housing project, this landmark will be the fulcrum of neighbourhood lifestyle activities. Linked to the arterial highways and expressways of Gurgaon, Crosswalk offers huge expanse for expressways of Gurgaon, CrossWalk offers huge expanse for retail, restaurants, hypermarkets, offices, business centres and more at remarkable prices.

As we bring you the finest venue in the town to work, shop and dine, trust us, we promise to bring you more smiles.

A structure with grand and lavish, with premium Spanish architectural facets JMS Crosswalk is a high street Retail haven of sector 93, Gurgaon. Located at the crossroads of two 84 meter roads with a huge expanse of 2,20,000 sq ft of total commercial area, this landmark set amidst premium group housing projects is connected to major highways and expressways of Gurgaon. With perfect mix of office spaces, retail spaces, banquets, a huge food court and more, the next big lifestyle destination of Gurgaon is here !