AIPL Business Club is a premium commercial office space building on Golf Course Extension Road situated at Sector 62, Gurgaon offering high end office space which exhibits a professional & modern vibe. This futuristic office space building is designed with perfect symmetry and showcases utmost precision and style, a characteristic which can be found throughout the structure. The building, on the whole, is a stunning commercial office space for sale and for lease in Gurgaon. The architect of the project is Morphogenesis - a world renowned architect and the recipient of numerous National and International awards.

AIPL Business Club is not any other standard office space building in Gurgaon, it is a place built with a modern approach, creativity, and high standards. Being one of the finest commercial projects on Golf Course Extension Road, the Business Club is already certified with LEED Gold Pre-Certification, GRIHA 3 Star Pre-Certification, and IGBC Gold Pre-Certification.